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Work is changing, so is how we get there.

Offer sustainable mobility solutions for a better tomorrow.
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Swile Card works for metro passes, car-pooling, free-service scooters, gas purchases...

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Add beneficiaries and manage mobility costs in real time with an ultra-intuitive dashboard.

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Swile Card has an unmatched network with over 8000 eligible retailers.

900,000 employees already use Swile daily

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Swile offers three easy ways to use your mobility benefits:
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Pay with your
Swile Card.

Since Swile is partnered with Mastercard, your rides and subscriptions can be paid for directly with Swile. 

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Pay with your bank card, get reimbursed.

Had to get somewhere but paid with your bank card? We'll credit the amount to your personal Swile account. 

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Pedal for pay.

Already have a bike? Get €0.25 for each kilometer traveled for your home-work commute.

Retain your best talent
with a better home-work commute.


of resignations are related to commuting issues.*


of trips have been made by bicycle since the COVID crisis*


of employees would like a flying car to get to work*

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* Monthly newsletter of Vélo et Territoires, coordinator of the national cycling network.

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Who qualifies?

  • Full-time employees on permanent or fixed-term contracts
  • Employees working in more than one location
  • Part-time employees
  • Interns and apprentices
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Which means of transport?

  • Public transportation
  • Personal bike (electric or not)
  • Rental bikes and scooters
  • Carpooling
  • Ride sharing

Choose from over 8,000 merchants
and counting!


What is the
sustainable mobility package?

The Sustainable Mobility Package was introduced by the Mobility Orientation Law published in December 2019. It allows employers to encourage so-called "green" means of transport via a tax-exempt allowance of up to
€600 per year per employee.

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Questions about mobility benefits?
We've got answers.

Is it possible to combine public transport reimbursement with other transportation costs?

Yes, the "sustainable mobility package" can be combined with employer contribution to public transport subscriptions (or a public bicycle rental service) but the tax advantage resulting from the two aides cannot exceed the maximum amount of €600 per year per employee.

How to use your mobility benefits?

Among service providers offering products related to Mobility, there are shops specialized in mobility as well as general store where you can spend your benefits. For bike stores, carpooling services, shared mobility services, public transport ... it's possible to pay directly with Swile Card. However, for general stores that sell products related to mobility but not exclusively, like Decathlon, Go-Sport, Carrefour ... it's not possible to pay with directly Swile Card. In this case, users can pay with their personal bank card and make a reimbursement request on the Swile App.

How does the Bicycle Kilometer Allowance work?

The bicycle kilometer allowance allows employees who commute to work by bicycle to be compensated for the number of kilometers they ride for their journey. With the Swile App, employees simply need to enter the number of kilometers they travel between home and work as well as the frequency with which they go to work during a particular month. Automatically, the App will calculate the amount of compensation they will be paid for that month.

Is there a link to payroll software?

Balances that are not used by the end of the year are returned directly to the company. Unlike other benefits (meal vouchers, gift vouchers), mobility benefits belong to the company and not to the employees directly. The amount of mobility benefits must be allocated over a calendar year and their expiration date cannot be extended.

How do you link with our payroll software?

We are connected via API with certain payrolls (ADP, etc.) and are therefore capable of automatically and instantaneously transmitting all information related to mobility in the company's payroll software. In addition, we provide our client companies with personalized monthly CSV files containing all the necessary information for employee pay slips.

How can the mobility package be used?

For bicycle or electric bicycle:

Payments conditional on practices;

Payment per kilometer traveled (each employee will have a different payment depending on the number of kilometers traveled) or per number of days of use;

Contribution to expenses:
Purchase of bicycle
Bicycle rental
Purchase of safety accessories (anti-theft devices, helmets, bells, etc.)
Maintenance and repair costs
Subscription to a secure bicycle parking facility (e.g. Veligo bike parks in the Ile-de-France region)