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Give your employees a meal voucher experience they won't forget.

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Be part of the green generation.

A 100% virtual card that starts working from day 1.

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Why wait? Start spending online and in stores.

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Spend where you want.
How you want.

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Use everywhere, spend anywhere

Even online. Even on delivery platforms.

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No more limits

€20, €30, €90... Swile's got you covered. Just link your bank card to your Swile Card.

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Get your money's worth

Pay to the exact amount. No more "Oh we don't give change back for meal vouchers.."

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A mobile experience

Apple Pay, Google Pay, Apple Watch. If one day we can pay with contact lenses, we'll do that too.

Make it unique. Make it you.


Customize your card.

Choose your color, PIN, engraving...create one you'll love.

What's a card without an app?

With Swile App, you'll never miss a beat.

Manage your card

Activate contactless, freeze/unfreeze, access and choose your PIN...

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Track spending in real time

Get notifications after each payment, each refill, when your balance is low...

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Order up to 3 cards

A blue one, a pink one, one to keep at home...and have them all in your Swile App.

It's time 
to save time.

Manage meal vouchers for your team? We can make your life easier too. 

Have cards sent to home or office.
No fees.

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Refill users' cards. 
In real time.

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Change the daily value of meal vouchers. 
In 1 click.

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Carry over unused benefits from one year to the next.

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We'll take it from here.

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There's always someone there to help you. We can even assign someone specifically for your case.

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Our marketing team has everything you need for your internal communication.

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With our live chat, we respond to you in less than a minute.

Questions about meal vouchers?
We've got answers.

Where can I use a meal voucher card?

Pay with your meal vouchers at more than 220,000 merchants and restaurants, including the main delivery platforms (Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Frichti...)

What products can I buy with a meal voucher card?

With a meal voucher card, you can buy ready-to-eat food. So you can choose from warm plates, frozen dishes for reheating, dairy products, fruits, vegetables and drinks. On the other hand, rice, pasta, unprocessed meat and fish, alcoholic beverages and non-food products are prohibited for purchase with meal vouchers.

Why is a card better than old-school paper vouchers?

With a card - plastic or virtual - you can pay the exact amount of your purchase, as many times as you want within the legal daily limit. Save time at checkout with contactless payments or by paying with your smartphone and watch. You can also track your balance in real time and manage your card (discover PIN code, freeze, order new card) from your online account or app.