One engaged employee is worth two.

With the Swile App, help employees drive the change they want to see.
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Take a pulse

An intuitive survey tool with templates ready for you to use.

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Maximize response rates

User experience is fun and easy, your people will want to take part.

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Activate the right drivers

Our tool gives a full analysis to easily understand results.

5 drivers to engage your people.

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Atmosphere of trust

To feel as though we can express our opinion and our disagreements without repercussions. It's having the right to make mistakes. It's team spirit that we can feel.

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Learning how to create a sense of personal accomplishment and feel as though we are working towards something greater than ourselves.

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It's hearing the word "thank you" and having self-confidence to help build team success and not having fear of failure.

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If saying "thank you" is part of Recognition, Consideration is the proof of a job well done. Raises, promotions, signs of advancement.

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Work environment

It's showing the importance of employees' physical and mental well-being and giving them the tools they need to carry out their responsibilities.

Why does engagement matter?
87 %

The increased likelihood that an employee will stay with a company.*

*Why Employee Engagement? – Forbes

20 %

The increased productivity in engaged employees.*

*What Is Employee Engagement and How Do You Improve It? – Gallup

100 %

The probability that your employees will thank you for choosing Swile.

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Better your people's experience.
In 3 steps. 


Create surveys

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Create survey templates

Our surveys are designed by certified coaches. No effort needed on your part, they're ready to go.

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Type of questions, frequency, anonymity... you have control.

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Work as a team

Assign managers, schedule follow ups, give specific access and permissions...


Analyze results

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Discover key insights

Track the evolution motivation indicators.

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Discuss on the chat

Talk over feedback directly with employees, all while remaining anonymous.

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Visualize results

Filter by team, by seniority... envision results as you see fit.


Take action

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Group, sort, prioritize

Analytics that let you take action.

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Take action

Designate responsibilities and put tasks in place.

We'll take it from here.

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There's always someone there to help you. We can even assign someone specifically for your case.

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Our marketing team has everything you need for your internal communication.

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With our live chat, we respond to you in less than a minute.

Swile App is more than
an insights tool.

It brings together all features for team cohesion.

Swile App is more than
an insights tool.

We have answers.

How do I choose a survey theme?

Everything obviously depends on your current issues and priorities as well as what you already have in place! We give you plenty of ideas through survey models that are available directly from on the platform with topics and situations frequently encountered in business (from monitoring new onboarding, to management changes and the mood of the month). This should help support you in your survey choice.

How often should I send surveys?

There is no right or wrong answer. However, stick to a shorter timeline for recurring surveys and make sure you have time to analyze and communicate results between sending them out.

How can I maximize response rates?

By having transparent communication about the process, results and actions implemented, you create an environment of exchange and trust that will make your people want to get involved.